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Her gift of fire will either be his salvation...or his end.

Kittie Larue dreams of changing the world. As a maverick mage, she faces a life on the run, forever looking over her shoulder in fear of being captured by the lackeys of the dreaded Salt-Iron Confederation. While her Pyromancy is strong, her voice is stronger and when she speaks at a festival to light a fire of rebellion under the other magic wielders in attendance, Kittie snares the attention of her enemies.

Seasoned theurgist Jack Dewitt has no qualms with hunting down renegades. When he crosses paths with the mysterious Firebrand, her fierce spirit intrigues him. But Jack serves the Confederation, with no choice–and he’s tasked with bringing her in, dead or alive.

When Jack and his crew snare her in a late-night ambush, Kittie fights back. But Jack has tricks of his own, and he proves to be tougher than any opponent she’s taken on before. Will the Firebrand blaze her way to victory, or will her dream of freedom turn to ash?

This gritty western fantasy is a novelette in the exciting Tales of the Outlaw Mages series and can be read without prior knowledge of the other books. If you enjoy unusual magic, found family, and true-to-life characters, then look no further. Read Up In Flames today!