The World of the Outlaw Mages

I used a really cool program called WonderDraft to create my continent map for Breaker. The only problem? In my noobness, I didn't realize the size, detail, and scope would make it a challenge to add to a print book later!

"But Amy," you say, "how about a double page spread?"

Yes, I considered it. The only problem? Every version I created had a major town in the story, Itude, smack dab in the middle of the spread. This puts it in the gutter of the book (ironic, right?) and would make it hard to see a crucial part of the map.

For Breaker, to get around it I made a detail map of just a portion of the map you see above. It's not perfect, but it works for my purposes! I'm only sad that one of the Salt-Iron Confederation nations, Canen, isn't on the Breaker map.

Why is that a big deal? Only because Canen features strongly in the prequel, The Ballad of Truth Sinclair. Oops.

And thus I decided the map should be the first of the extras to post! Ta-da!

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