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Book Four



When the enemy comes calling, this outlaw spitfire will gamble her freedom to save her friends.


Vixen Valerie’s life is a lie. After more than a decade on the run, she fears the charade is over. When an enemy nation threatens the flame-haired outlaw’s chosen homeland, she fears she’s the only one able to prevent a bloodbath.


Blaise Hawthorne is falling apart. The young mage can no longer ignore the horrific memories that plague him. When he learns of Vixen’s plan to travel deep into enemy territory, Blaise seizes the chance to face his traumas head-on.


But a powerful foe defies their every move, endangering their mission from the start. And the outlaws’ most treacherous enemy might be someone they thought they could trust…


Will Vixen, Blaise, and their friends be the royal flush needed to save the land they love, or will they be doomed by a losing bet?

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