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Tales of the Outlaw Mages

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Book 4


The cover for Persuader, a beautiful red-haired woman stands with a bay pegasus

A lie that could save a nation...and a truth that could destroy it. When trust is a gamble, will an outlaw’s secrets save them or seal their fate?

Vixen Valerie's existence is a masquerade, her every move a step in a perilous dance with danger. But when her homeland's peace is threatened, she's faced with a stark choice: continue the facade or risk everything to protect those she considers family. 

Blaise Hawthorne is unraveling, his life frayed by horrific memories he can't escape. When Vixen’s dangerous plan promises a chance to face his traumas, he grasps it, determined to challenge his haunting past and forge a path toward healing.


Their every action is shadowed by a formidable enemy, endangering their mission from the start. And the very real possibility emerges that their most dangerous foe might just be one of their own.


Can Vixen, Blaise, and their friends outfox their enemies and, or was the deck stacked against them from the start? The gamble is high, and the cards are dealt—only the brave will stake it all.

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