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Tales of the Outlaw Mages

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Book 3


The cover for Dreamer, a handsome blond man stands with a grey pegasus

A mother's peril. A nation's fate. A secret destined to unravel.


In the warmth of his bakery, Blaise wants nothing more than to have a little peace and time to figure out his complicated relationship with Jefferson. But his quiet life is shattered when his mother is kidnapped by merciless magical renegades. Driven by the chains of deception that once bound his life, Blaise sets off on her trail with old friends on a journey that promises to be as fraught with dangers as it is with revelation.


Meanwhile, Jefferson shoulders the burden of a nation’s nascent hopes while concealing magic he’s not meant to possess. His ambassadorship sends him to the political quagmire of a faraway land where allies and enemies emerge from the shadows, each with their own agenda for Jefferson and the country he represents.


As the threads of fate weave the pair together, Blaise and Jefferson stand on the precipice of an uncertain future. Every spell they cast and step they take is shadowed by hidden foes, leading to a showdown where secrets will be unveiled and loyalties will be tested. Will the magic that binds Blaise and Jefferson be the trump card they need to secure their future, or will it slip like sand through their fingers in the final hour?

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