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Airship Dragons

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Book 1

Dragon Latitudes

The cover for Dragon Latitudes with a copper colored dragon surrounded by airships

Betrayed by kin. Transformed by fate. Hunted by all.

Elazar knew dragons. He hunted them. He never dreamed he'd become one. A single act of betrayal flipped his world—quite literally, overboard from a perfectly good airship.

Now, Elazar grapples with his new identity as a dragon while his former crewmates are hot on his tail, eager to avenge Elazar’s alleged death by slaying the beast they believe is responsible.

Luckily for Elazar, he has his best friend at his side—along with the jerk who started the whole mess. Together, they set out on a quest to peel back layers of dragon myths and Elazar’s own past.

Their gambit is anything but easy. Elazar and his friends face treachery, a dark prophecy, and the Jade Empress’s wrath. It’s a breakneck journey where truth bites and trust burns.

Strap in for a ride where allies could be enemies, prophecies spell danger, and embracing his inner dragon might be Elazar’s only shot at survival. Can Elazar untangle the secrets of his past in time to reclaim his humanity, or will his new wings carry him to his demise?

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