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Airship Dragons

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Dawn of the Jade Empress

The cover for Dawn of the Jade Empress, a green dragon sitting on a beach

A tropical paradise becomes a crucible of destiny when one dragon ascends to the Jade Throne.

Belen hardly dares to believe the words of her sister, a Seer, when she learns she's destined to become the Jade Empress. But when a path to the position of Jade Consort opens, Belen doesn't balk—even when she's warned that heartbreak awaits.

After besting her competitors, Belen takes her rightful place as consort, ignoring her sister's pleas. Navigating political webs, she brings an unusual passion for justice, striving to transform the Court from within. But threats from rival courts, hidden prophecies, and her compassion for the overlooked drakes in her society may topple her reign.

When disaster strikes, Belen must face the past and embrace her destiny. Will she become the empress her Court needs, or will her reign crumble under the weight of her ambitions? Dawn is breaking, and the Jade Empress must rise.

This novella is a prequel to Dragon Latitudes, Book One in the Airship Dragons series.

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