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Reviews are an important part of an indie author's arsenal of getting noticed on storefronts and by new readers. Members of the Street Team are expected to post reviews within the first week of a title's release.

The number of ARCs and positions available on the Street Team are limited. If there is a high demand for a title, I may be unable to provide ARCs to all interested readers. Not being accepted for an ARC for a certain title doesn't mean you won't have an ARC for a future book. It only means there were not enough for everyone interested.

To help ensure the greatest success for my books, a new ARC sign-up will be held for each forthcoming title. Be sure you receive my newsletter or join my private Outlaw Reader Facebook group to be notified of opportunities!

If you have any questions, email

General Requirements

  • Street Team members must be signed up for Amy Campbell's newsletter. If you're not already subscribed, you can sign up here.

    • ARC privileges are for fans. Remember, even if you're not selected for a specific ARC, you may receive one in the future. Plus you will receive free stories and other perks as a part of the newsletter!

  • Please review on at least 2 platforms. Copy and paste of the same review from one site to another is fine!

    • Platforms include: Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookbub, GoodReads, GooglePlay, Kobo, Storygraph, etc.​

  • You are not required to read and review every book.

    • You are only responsible for reviewing ARCs that you have received. However, your reviews are greatly appreciated!

  • ARCs will be distributed via Bookfunnel and delivered as ePub.

    • If you're not familiar with Bookfunnel, you will be able to load the file onto almost any sort of eReader or reading app you own!

  • ARC readers may not reproduce, share, distribute, or publish portions or all of the work in any form.

    • Even before publication, novels are copyrighted. Support indie authors and help us fight piracy!​

Review Requirements

  • ARCs are time-sensitive. Please post reviews for the ARC by the deadline.

  • You have received an ARC so that you may provide an honest, voluntary review.

    • Please state this in your review so that platforms do not reject your review.​

  • No spoilers! 

    • Please do not impact the enjoyment of other readers by posting spoilers. It's okay to mention things you enjoyed, but try to avoid being spoilery!​

  • If you receive an ARC and don't enjoy the book or feel comfortable leaving a review because it may be negative, please email to let her know. Not everyone will like every book and that is okay!

  • Reviews may be used for promotional purposes.

    • However, if you are not comfortable with this you may opt-out on the sign-up form.​

    • If you change your mind (and wish to opt-in or out) please email

Street Team Sign Up

I grant Author Amy Campbell permission to use the content of my review for promotional purposes.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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