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AI Usage

In the creation of the graphics for some of my novels, I leverage cutting-edge AI technology as a pivotal assistive tool, blending it seamlessly with traditional artistic techniques. My process begins with AI-generated illustrations crafted through meticulous prompting, rerolling, and tweaking using advanced platforms like MidJourney and Dall-e3. This initial AI-generated concept serves merely as a foundational base, akin to a sketch artist's preliminary work, from which my creativity takes flight.

AI elements are not used in their raw form in the finished product. Each AI-generated illustration undergoes extensive transformation, involving heavy editing and overpainting within the Affinity suite. My approach integrates multiple images, combining them to craft a composite whole that brings the vibrant world of my stories to life.

I am committed to utilizing AI in a manner that enhances our creative expression, carefully avoiding the use of any artist names (living or dead) in the prompting sequences. My goal is not just to create, but to innovate within the ethical boundaries of AI assistance, ensuring that each image accurately reflects the essence of my stories. This approach has been a cornerstone of my process, aiming to provide accurate character and universe depictions that resonate with my readers.

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