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Tales of the Outlaw Mages Special Editions

Exclusive covers, full color pages, 80+ unique chapter heading images, full page illustrations, and so much more! Only on Kickstarter.


Amy Campbell


Amy Campbell is basically the cool librarian you wish you’d had growing up. A lifelong Texan and current Houston resident, she shares her home with her husband, two young sons, and an impressive model horse collection.

From the age of 7, Amy was the kid who filled her Lisa Frank notebook with stories instead of doodles. That childhood passion evolved into a career writing fantasy novels—worlds imbued with a dash of pegasus, a sprinkle of steampunk, and a pinch of magic. Seriously, if her books were a mixtape, they'd be filled with all the classics but with unexpected remixes that make you go, "Whoa!"

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Ream is a subscription site made for authors, by authors! My Ream page has tiers of multiple levels - including free! So come on over, read a story or two, and see what's going on.

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